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3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. The love and care my child receives at Kandy Kane is second to none. She can’t wait to go to school everyday. She has learned and grown so much while attending. All of the teachers genuinely care for the kids and it’s obvious when you see them interact. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring and safe facility to care for my child.


  2. I don’t know if I am posting this in the right place (trying to create a new post, not replying to a comment).
    Anyway, I made a split second decision to take my son from his current daycare (at the time) and needed a once-a-week daycare, because life changed for us, I had a caretaker, Monday through Thursday, but needed just a Friday provider, for the time being. I looked for recommendations in a frenzy on Facebook, but then prayed about it, since God gives us our wisdom.
    So, I called up Kandy Kane and spoke with Rebecca (who was so sweet to talk to me, as I heard several children in the background). She helped answer the questions I had, but what floored me (in a good way), was Deborah. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfy leaving my son with her and her daughters/workers.
    In fact, the first time he stayed, I think I called her (Deborah) every hour on the hour & not once did she seem purturbed at my “concern” for my son. Every time I called, we ended up talking for over 20 minutes each time. I felt like she was a true ‘second mama’ to my sweet boy. Never once did I have a concern leaving him there. In fact, Mrs. Debbie wished he came more often so she could get to know him & help with his behavioral issues he was having.
    Well, after life threw us a curve ball, I needed a full time provider, and unfortunately, there was no room to keep him there, so we had to go back to his 1st daycare (not a bad thing, cause we love them too!).
    Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend Kandy Kane for ANY of your precious children to go here.
    They truly care about the wellfare and growth of your little ones.
    God Bless Mrs. Debbie, and her daughters/workers, they are nothing less than angels!!
    Thank you for the time we had with you all. We sure do miss seeing y’all’s smiling faces!

    -Tiffany Norton


  3. When Deborah took over Kandy Kane in 1986 We were one of the first lucky parents to be accepted with our 1 year old son. Deborah and I had a very detailed interview where she told me what level of formal education her staff was required to have (which in 1986 was very impressive)what I should expect from her and her staff in caring for my first born child and what steps I should take should I ever have any problems From that day forward a wonderful relationship began both with her and her staff and my son, and later with my daughter.
    The care both my children received always, always far exceeded my expectations. While attending Kandy Kane my children were not only watched, but were educated in areas they would need in Kindergarten such as writing and memorizing their aBC’s, how to count and do some basic math. They learned how to get along with and play well with other children, and how to respect and mind their educators and other adults. When my children entered kindergarten their teachers told my husband and I how advanced our children compared to fellow classmates. We were offered the chance to have both our children skip kindergarten and go on to first grade. We declined but I must add that both of our children excelled in school and in their college careers graduating with high honors. I attribute much of their growth and desire to do their best to their first five years attending Kandy Kane (nursery at that time). As an unexpected but forever grateful bonus Deborah and her staff had both children potty trained by the time they were 20 months old and weaned from the bottle by 6 or 7 months old. Our children are now over 30 and both have very fund memories of their early childhood at Kandy Kane.
    In closing I would just like to say with all my heart THANK YOU Deborah and her staff, all of you can stand tall and be proud of your accomplishment you have made. You give children a warm, loving, and educated environment so they can grow to be responsible and caring adults My hat’s off to all of you,


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