School Supply List

School Supply List

Seasonal Change of Clothes: these clothes will be left at school in case of an accident. These clothes will need to be changed out periodically with the seasons. The clothes should be placed in a Ziploc Bag with your child’s name clearly written on bag! *** If the clothes are returned to you soiled; you must return a fresh set of clothes the following day. We do NOT provide changes of clothes!***

Wish List

Hand Soap refills (we are not supposed to use antibacterial)

Containers of Clorox wipes

Colored chalk

Play dough

Dry Erase markers

Books of stickers or small toys – to be used for treasure box

Baby wipes to be used for outside play / clean up

Large and Small Zip-Loc bags

Glue Sticks

Bottles of liquid glue

Clear tape

Washable Markers


Composition notebooks

BLACK, GREEN, or BLUE Poly Plastic Pocket folders (no prongs)

Hot glue sticks

Laminating sheets


Lead Pencils