School Supply List & Wish List

Supply List

Parents are expected to provide:

Diapers/ pull ups and wipes. With us being a Quality Rated center, we have to use more wipes for diaper changes. You can expect for us to use about 40 diapers and 1 pack of wipes a week. Parents are welcomed to bring large packs in, if that is helpful.

We also ask parents to provide a seasonal change of clothes (pant, shirt, socks, & underwear). These clothes will be left at school in case of an accident. These clothes will need to be changed out periodically with the seasons. The clothes should be placed in a Ziploc Bag with your child’s name clearly written on bag!

*** If the clothes are returned to you soiled; you must return a fresh set of clothes the following day. We do NOT provide changes of clothes!***

Wish List

These are items we use daily! We greatly appreciate all donations.
• Hand Soap refills (we are not supposed to use antibacterial)
• Containers of Clorox wipes
• Colored chalk
• Play dough
• Dry Erase markers
• Books of stickers or small toys – to be used for treasure box
• Baby wipes to be used for outside play / clean up
• Laminating sheets
• Pens
• Lead Pencils
• Large and Small Ziplock bags
• Glue Sticks
• Bottles of liquid glue
• Clear tape
• Washable Markers
• Sharpies
• Composition notebooks
• BLACK, GREEN, or BLUE Poly Plastic Pocket folders (no prongs)
• Hot glue sticks
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