PRE-K School Supply List

1. 1 seasonal change of clothes (These will be left at school in your student’s cubby in case of accidents. These clothes will need to be changed periodically with the seasons and placed in a Ziploc bag with your student’s name written clearly on the outside of the bag.)

2. 1 pencil box containing – 8+ pack washable markers

                                             — 8+ pack crayons

Write your child’s name on his/her pencil box please! Do not send scissors/pencils/etc.

3. 1 family photo (These photos will not be returned.  We will be using them to decorate our classroom to help the students feel more at home during the first few weeks.)

4. Your child may bring a towel to sleep with during naptime; this item is only allowed during naptimeNO BATHSHEETS OR BEACH TOWELSYou will need to write his/her name on this towel with a permanent marker as to ensure that everyone has the correct towel at naptime. We will keep these towels at school all week long and will send them home on Mondays to be washed. A stuffed animal the size of a beanie baby is all that your child will be allowed to sleep with. NO PILLOWS OR LARGER ANIMALS WILL BE ALLOWED, THEY WILL BE SENT HOME UPON ARRIVAL!!

Classroom Wish List

***These items are NOT required.  Each year we create a “wish list” of items we need or would like to have for our classroom.  If anyone would like to donate any of these items we would greatly appreciate your help.  We will have a table set up for these items on parent orientation night, so you can bring them with you then. (All items can me Dollar Store Brand) Thank you!

  1. Clorox wipes
  2. Hand soap refills (cannot be antibacterial)
  3. Kleenex tissues
  4. Scotch thermal laminating pouches 8.9”x11.4”
  5. Turtle food
  6. Liquid glue (no purple)
  7. Glue sticks
  8. Colored and black sharpies
  9. Clear scotch tape
  10.  All sizes Ziploc bags
  11.  Cardstock – white & colored
  12.  Markers
  13.  Candy (M&M’s, Smarties, skittles, etc.)
  14.  BLUE Poly Plastic folder (with pockets but no center rings)
  15.  Book rings
  16. Avery Labels (assorted sizes)
  17. Velcro